Friday, July 22, 2005

Between Zzz's

Update on previous post: Turns out Piper uses the word 'Bible' (or she used 'Bible' at the time) for anything the size of a book or smaller and made of leather. This includes but is not limited to the leather warranty manual cover on the warranty in the van, and of course my wallet. So when Piper asked me if I had my Bible a few weeks back, she meant my wallet. Possibly not the spiritual prodding from God that I thought it to be ... although the effect was the same: I read my Bible first thing that day. And it was good.

In other news, my family and I have been traveling quite a bit lately, and this week, while I've been off work, we've spent time at the Fort Worth Zoo, the Dallas Aquarium, swimming at the neighborhood pool, etc. Also, I bought the new Harry Potter book last Friday night, and finished it at about 3:30 am Wednesday morning. Frankly, I feel like I'm tired all the time. I guess I need to go back to work so I can get some rest. :-)

Haven't been in the Word much in the last couple of weeks. Need to do better about that. God has been far too good to me, for me not to spend time with Him.

For now, though, I'm going to bed. Be blessed.

P.S. Celeste and I posted a fairly extensive number of new photos on our family web site this evening. Click here to pop in and have a look, and then click on Trip to Grandparents to see the new photos.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

From the Mouths of Babes

Every few days Piper casually says a new word or phrase that she has learned, or makes a comment or asks a question that shows that her 23-month-old brain is putting things together more and more. Her vocabulary expanded over the weekend to include ‘I wuv oo’, which is pretty much good enough to melt my heart every time she says it.

But this morning as I was leaving for work she had another surprise for me.

I told her and Celeste goodbye, and gave each of them a kiss (Christian was fast asleep, his first nap of the day). I started to leave but realized that I didn’t have my phone, and I said as much to Celeste as I began to look around the house for it. I finally found it, and tossed another ‘bye’ as I walked past the kitchen on my way to the door, when Piper called a question to me from the kitchen table.

“Da da phone?”

I stopped and looked back, then smiled and said, “Yes, I found my phone, Piper. Bye bye.” I turned back toward the door.

“Da da…keys?”

Stopped again, I turned back toward her. We had never discussed the things I take inventory of before I leave each day, so she apparently had noticed on her own. Wondering if she’d ask about my wallet next, I pulled my keys from my pocket and jingled them where she could see them.

“Yes, I have my keys sweetheart. I love you! Bye bye!”

This time I hadn’t quite begun to turn before she spoke up.

“Da da … Bible?”

I opened my mouth, closed it again, and I think I cocked my head to the side. I don’t normally take a Bible when I leave for work. I often already have one in the truck, and at the office I can always pull up if I find a few minutes to get in the Word. But did I want to tell Piper that, no, I didn’t have it because I didn’t ‘need’ it? How would that play out as she is putting together the puzzle pieces of words, language, and things going on around her?

And for heaven’s sake, what caused her to suggest that I take one in the first place?

I only paused a moment before stepping back down the hall, picking up a Bible, and returning to where she could see me holding it up.

“Yes, Piper, I have my Bible. Thank you! Bye bye!”

Folks, don’t tell me God doesn’t speak to us today. He spoke to me through my nearly-2-year-old daughter this morning. And need I tell you that when I got to the office today, I couldn’t help but read a chapter and pray before climbing out of the truck and coming into the office? God is good.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Current Events

I can't believe its already 4th of July weekend. This year is really flying by.

Well, thanks to Celeste, we finally have a new family web site set up.

You may or may not have heard about the old one; last fall sometime I found I couldn't log in to edit it, and when I finally contacted the web hosting company they explained that the software they'd had us using had corrupted, that it had been replaced with a new software, and that we could recreate our website from scratch but we would not be able to edit the old pages (at least, not easily) because they were built using the corrupt, outdated software.This was, of course, quite frustrating, and at this point we're planning simply to try to get a copy of the old site (with its hundred or more pictures, etc) onto a CD for posterity.

Anyway, Celeste found a web company called Parent Shack (hop in my Chrysler its as BIG AS A WHALE!), and it is pretty much focused on pictures only (none of that other stuff about bios on Celeste and me, etc, which we never updated anyway. So check out our new site by clicking here.

Other than that, I've begun to read Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller, and it certainly has me thinking. I'll post more on that shortly, but there's a question that's really bothering me right this minute: why is it that Don Miller, Brian McLaren and others who seem to be on the cutting edge of Christian spiritual thought these days are all so far left leaning from a secularly political perspective?

That will probably be the topic of an upcoming post, but if anyone out there happens to have an answer to this question, or even an opinion, I'd love to hear it.

Grace & Peace,