Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Band of Brothers

I don't make it to the movies much these days. That's a big deal for me -- there was a time when I was at the movies several times a week -- but now I have 2 small children and other things that make the movie theater a once-in-a-while thing instead of a staple of life.

Having said that, I think that my interest in movies may also be declining. Celeste and I went to the video store the other day and I only found a few movies that I could muster up any interest in ... despite the fact that I had hardly seen a single movie on the 'New Release' wall. Either I'm getting pickier (is that a word?), or Hollywood is getting ... er, suckier (could that even BE a word?).

Anyway, a friend recommended Band of Brothers a while back. Not a movie, but an HBO mini-series. We rented the first DVD over the weekend. I am totally hooked.

I've always enjoyed a good war flick -- exciting, powerful battle scenes, etc -- but in addition to that, I'm very impressed by how real the characters come across.

As a matter of fact, the reality of the characters, and the 'true story' being told, really sets me to thinking about how cushy my life is. Watching those guys in the plane, waiting to jump into France on D-Day, I had an uneasy feeling in my gut. Could I handle that kind of terrible anticipation?

And then last night, episode 3 or 4, watching another soldier totally panic in the midst of battle, cowering and even screaming in fear. Eventually, an officer helps him get it together enough just to stand and shoot his rifle at the enemy. Would I be brave enough to stand and fight to defend myself and others? I mean, really?

Who knows. I sure don't. I struggle just to live by faith in a land where there's a church on every suburban streetcorner. I'm very thankful to have a 'Band of Brothers' of my own, who challenge and support me even in my weakness.

But I am so glad that the previous generations were so brave, and that others in my own generation are willing to defend themselves, and me, today.

May the Prince of Peace come soon.