Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chennai Day-Trip

I know, I know, its been a week since I posted. But I have a
good excuse. Or an excuse, anyway. I've been working 12+
hour days all week!

Yesterday, though, was a very interesting day. The good
folks I work with here set up a guide to take a couple of us
Americans to several locations of interest here in the city.

First, we went to St. Thomas Mount. Now, I'll show my
ignorance here, but apparently Thomas the apostle is
believed to have come to India around 50 A.D., introduced
the locals to Christ, and was killed soon after.

On the hill where he was killed, a church has been erected.
Inside the church they have a stone that he was supposedly
carving when he was killed. The stone shows a carving of a

So we visited the church on St. Thomas Mount. In addition to
the church, there were also several great views of Chennai
up there. And there was a convenience store called 'Mount
Manna'. Not sure why I think that's so funny. But I do.

Next we drove around the city a bit. I took pictures of some
crowds and interesting buildings, but nothing to ... er ...
write home about. Hrm.

After that we stopped at the oldest Anglican church in
India, St. Mary's church. Built 300+ years ago, between the
beach and a military base. For one reason or the other, the
walls and ceiling are bomb-proof, like 5 feet thick.

They also had several books and logs, like a baptism
registry from 1817.

Next up we walked along the beach, the 2nd longest beach
in the world (behind Rio de Jeneiro).

Then we went to Sant Thome Church, where the remains of
Thomas the apostle are (apparently) buried. (Pardon my
skepticism, I just haven't researched this at all.)

Finally we stopped at a Hindu temple not far from Sant Thome
Church. I didn't take pictures there, because I was low on
cash and they charged 25 Rs (something like $.60) to take
pix of their temple.

All in all, a good time. Talk to you later,


Christie said...

Hi B!
I love hearing about your adventures over there. I saw a story on the news last night about the a sports competition in India. They showed men balancing bicycles on 10 ft. poles and hanging even more bikes from their beards. I looked for you in the crowd - because I'm positive you were there - but didn't see you. Next time get closer to the camera guy!

I'm praying for you to return quickly.
Love, Christie

Dee Andrews said...

Hey, Brian -

Thanks for sharing your blog URL with me! I've just read quite a few of your India travel posts and find them very interesting.

And, thanks again for entering the Finding Direction photo contest on a whim (I assume). And, you WON an award! Way to go!

I didn't know until I read your bio over here that you live in Keller. I used to get a lot of hits at Finding Direction from Keller. My daughter and family live in McKinney (and go to High Pointe Church of Christ) and my step-daughter and family live in Grand Prairie, so we come out to Texas all the time, which is where I am from.

I grew up on a cotton farm at Abernathy, just north of Lubbock, and come out to Abilene all the time to visit my mom and sister.

I like your blog posts a lot, and will be back.

God bless you in your travels and I pray you will have a safe trip home.

Cheers & Blessings to you today!