Friday, August 22, 2008

Indian Burritos

Quick note, to whoever is listening: I'm in India, and
today I had some 'mutton keema' for lunch. Basically its
ground lamb prepared with a bit of spice of some kind. In
the US, I'm pretty sure we'd call this ... lamb chili.

By the way, I put mine in some roti (think really thin
tortilla) and had a lamb chili burrito. I think in India
they might call this a mutton keema kathi. But I could be

And even tho I liked it ... I'd still love a Chipotle
burrito right about now....



Justin said...

mmmmmm... Chipotle

Dee Andrews said...

Hey, Brian!

Good to hear from you - even though you are SO far away.

I haven't seen you around much over at Finding Direction lately. I'm excited right now because I just found out late last week that I won both 1st and 3rd in my division in a local writing contest! Isn't that neat?

I can't remember if you read them last spring when I posted them for all you blogging buddies to take a vote on (for which were the best). If not, you'll have to read them when you have time. They are both about me and my dad and some of my times with him out in Abilene.

Hope you have a good trip. I'm with you, though - I'd rather have the REAL burritos.


mcguyver said...

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